Bruce Fischer

Bruce Fischer, VP Marketing & International Sales chez Hayward Pool Products


Bruce FISCHER, VP Marketing & International Sales at Hayward Pool Products tells us why we are seeing good resistance in the worldwide swimming pool market

During one of his trips to Europe, in Lisbon, we met Bruce FISCHER VP of Global Marketing & International Sales at Hayward Pool Products alongside Gery HAYART, Managing Director Europe of Hayward. He explained to our colleague Michele RAVIZZA, why, in his view, despite a difficult economic period, we are seeing good performance, in general, in the world swimming pool market.



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EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele RAVIZZA: "Despite a period of difficult conditions for the economy, what, in your view, are the reasons that explain the strength of the swimming pool market? "

HAYWARD / Bruce FISCHER: "I believe this depends on several factors. First of all, of course, is the great attractiveness of the product itself, which has become really democratic over time among a less wealthy social class. Then the increase in these classes in several zones of the planet, like India, China, Eastern Europe and several South American companies, where, currently, a family in this middle class is no longer obliged to borrow to have a swimming pool in their garden. Another reason, in my opinion, is the phenomenon of returning to the family, the joy of being together in a relaxing convivial atmosphere like bathing and gathering around your pool. The search for well being and the ability to practice a sport like swimming, are all values that are particularly appreciated by our current society. A third factor surely depends on the number of swimming pools already installed worldwide. All these installations require renovation after several years, and the replacement of some equipment and accessories. "


EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele RAVIZZA: "Are we ready to provide an effective response to this new renovation market? "       

HAYWARD / Bruce FISCHER: "The strong innovative capacity of our industry allows us to provide the market with new technologies, and new replacement products that ease the management of existing installations and are better for the environment. "



EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele RAVIZZA: "Do you not think that the Internet has also contributed to the good market performance? "

HAYWARD / Bruce FISCHER: "In fact the arrival of the Internet has allowed all professionals and the final consumer faster access to information about the different products on the market from different manufacturers and distributors. "




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Hayward is one of the world's main manufacturers of residential swimming pool equipment. The group, whose head office is at Elizabeth (United States), has 2,000 employees on 3 continents. The different product ranges include pumps, filters, spot lamps, built in parts, cleaners, heat pumps and salt electrolysers.

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-    50 years swimming pool equipment throughout the world
-    36 years presence in Europe
-    50% of products sold in Europe are assembled and tested in France
-    2000 employees on 3 continents
-    Turnover: 550 Million $