Pisicine Expo 2012After the success of the first two trade shows, Kamal LWED, the organizer of the exhibition, promises an event that will be even bigger, with all the exhibitors of 2011 having confirmed their participation!!


This international trade show, drawing no less than 10,000 professionals and visitors, focuses on quality rather than on quantity.  Visitors will therefore be able to discover a hundred or so exhibitors from the swimming-pool equipment sector who will display swimming-pool covers, maintenance equipment, saunas, hammams, spas, fountains, floor coverings, water treatment systems, accessories, gardens, parks, etc.



Piscine Expo 2012


Piscine Expo 2012


Manufacturers: Remember to place your ad and to promote your products through Le JUSTE LIEN N°3 - Special Mediterranean edition which will be distributed free of cost at the entrance of the exhibition!

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