Fabarpool Culligan

From the left to the right Luca Paganella (technical and commercial manager of Culligan pools), Marco Guitaldi (general manager of FabarPool), Giancarlo Brizzi (general director of Culligan pools), Claudio Lugaresi (CEO of FabarPool), Maurizio Conti (commercial manager of FabarPool), Roberto Caniato (commercial technician of Culligan pools)


On the occasion of the first meeting relating to the Culligan pools, held in Bologna on October 28, an important trade agreement was officially signed. The companies involved are two major players in the hydrotherapy: Culligan, an international leader in water treatment and FabarPool, leader in design, manufacture and sale of mini spa pools, which has been combining design and technology in hydrotherapy for years.


Thanks to this agreement, from now on the FabarPool spas will be distributed not only thought the company's distribution network but also through the Culligan retailers.

The high level of technology and research activities allow Culligan to offer innovative solutions to the customers also relying on the experience of FabarPool. The company, founded in 1964, expanded with dynamism its portfolio of products and services, gaining a leadership position in its field.

Progress, know- how and Made in Italy meet together in this agreement to characterize the quality and the luxury of technology applied to water in daily wellness.