Two years of Italian presidencyIn January 2010 the EUSA Presidency was entrusted to Italy and Dr. Francesco Capoccia, Assopiscine Chairman, was proud to accept the honour of chairing the European Federation of the Member Associations: Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary.


EUSA embodies the determination to make common rules in the following areas work effectively: design, building, management and maintenance of both private and public swimming pools. It strives to make markets uniform and enhance the competitive nature of goods and trade exchanges from both a technical and economic point of view. During this period EUSA has played a dual role: administrative, for procedural and technical standards with a Committee that has made statements concerning several important issues published on the EUSA website.


Since this year, the technical side has worked in line with the CEN, European Committee for Standardization, and currently, by means of special working groups, it is drawing up new CEN standards through the specially created by the TC402 Technical Committee, that should lead to new European Directives that must be absorbed by every country in the EEC.