MaytronicsMaytronics President, Mr Offer Shachar, announces today its new sales strategy toward 2012 season.

Following the acquisition of Aquatron & Aqua products by Fluidra in February this year, Maytronics has taken a decision to discontinue its commercial relationship with Fluidra (Astral Pool).

Astral Pool will be able to continue to service the Dolphin brand cleaners sold by it and will have direct access to source spare parts and get Maytronics support & service as long as needed. At the same time, most of Maytronics distributors will also be able, if needed, to support the Maytronics' Dolphin products sold by Astral.

Maytronics shall obviously also ensure that clients are afforded the opportunity to purchase all of Maytronics' line of products through other distributors of Maytronics.



Press release - Offer SHACHAR, President of MAYTRONICS Ltd