International water expert to speak at SPLASH! expo World renowned expert in swimming pool disinfection by-products, Dr Ole Gronborg will speak at the SPLASH! NZ expo being held at Te Papa in Wellington 17th-18th August. As a very exciting (and late) addition to the education program, Dr Ole Gronborg will be presenting a seminar on newly discovered ways to reduce the production of disinfection by-products in indoor aquatic centres and swimming pools, based on new European science.


Dr Ole Gronborg

Dr Ole Gronborg


Chlorine by-products such as chloramines and trihalomethanes in indoor pools are known to adversely affect bathing comfort and more importantly, swimmers health. Trihalomethanes and chloramines are formed when human water pollutants combine with chlorine. New Danish science demonstrates that human skin cells, ranging in size from 10-30 micron, dissolve in sand filters and are the primary cause for the unwanted chlorine by-product formation.


A new water treatment system removes the skin cells on a continuous basis, reducing the organic load in the pool. The system, now installed in 30 Scandinavian public indoor pools, reduces chlorine demand by more than 40 per cent; reduces backwash water usage by more than 60 per cent compared to sand filters, and reduces energy consumption by more than 50 per cent.


Dr Gronborg will explain how the technology was developed, the scientific work performed in cooperation with the Danish government and research institutions, and will answer questions.


Dr Gronborg will be extending his time in Australasia after the Better Water Seminars in Brisbane and Sydney to head over to New Zealand and join the extensive seminar program including workshops and presentations by Paul Jacobson, Hugh Smith (Pentair), Graeme Abbot (Hamner Springs) and Max Williams (My Red Zebra). For more information on SPLASH! New Zealand or to register for the seminars click here. For the first time SPLASH! New Zealand will be side-by-side with JAWS (Just Add Water Seminar) the New Zealand Recreation Associations annual aquatics conference.