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On Saturday June 25th. 2011 the 6th. regular annual general meeting of 14 registered members of the European Economic Alliance Inter Pool Cover Team (IPC Team E.E.I.G.) was held in the company’s headquarters in Orel.

The meeting unanimously approved the financial statement for 2010 and the balanced economic budget for 2011. It was also announced that despite the tough economic situation in 2009 - 2011, the group as a  whole had managed to meet its ambitious strategic, trade and financial targets, particularly as a result of the group’s emphasis on innovation and the use of the very latest technology. Recently advanced swimming pool, spa and terrace roofing (3Seasons program) technology and designs have been launched onto the market. By expanding our range of products and continuously focusing on innovation of our own designs we have managed to reach more customers and also expand our own dealership network in many countries around the world. We established the markets of Germany and Austria and are penetrating into Chile, Brasil, India and Australia.

At the meeting it was apparent that the individual members of the IPC Team have been relatively fast in carrying out the ancillary development tasks assigned to them in relation to web-marketing, the implementation of unique G.O.A.L. (Global Online Application List) internet projects and the standard advertising tools (fairs, magazines, newspapers ads etc.)

The General Meeting unanimously confirmed the managerial positions of Mr. Jan Zitko - President and Mr Wieslawa Rygielski - Vice-president.

The individual members of the IPC Team rated the preliminary operating results and the six months of work very highly and said they were convinced that, despite all the problems, overall 2011 will be a  successful year for the alliance again!

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