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The corrosion, almost inevitable, of the components (flanges, bolts, rails, ...) of a submerged safety cover, can result in its premature deterioration, and ultimately, its breakdown.

component ImmAx

component ImmBox

AbriBlue, the leading pool-cover specialist in Europe, together with the Centre Technique de Industries Mecaniques, focused on the research for special high-technology materials that offer complete protection against the effects of corrosion, without affecting other properties.

The outcome is the «Non’Co» non-corrosion guarantee that provides 15 years of tranquillity, available exclusively for the Abriblue slats from the French manufacturer. This guarantee covers the Abriblue series: Imm’Ax, Imm’Box, Veesio and «Le Banc», and includes all coatings and all water-supply fittings at no extra cost.

component Veesio

component Le Banc