As specialists in water, AstralPool has made advances in the world of wellness, which it wishes to mark with the launch of its new name for the wellness business area.

Thus, AstralPool Wellma will now be called SPæCIAL.
This name is a neologism made up of a mixture of the words spa and special. The use of the letters «æ” from the Latin alphabet reminds the Roman tradition and adds a touch of distinction, personality and demarcation.

Under the SPæCIAL brand name, all wellness projects will benefit from comprehensive solutions whilst customers will be offered a wide range of products, divided into the Temperature Area, the Water and Inoxpool Area, the Relaxation Area and the Treatment Area.

The services offered include devising the initial project, drawing up the plans, designing the distribution of spaces and the way users move around them, choosing fixtures and solving technical installation problems.