Starline Pools & Equipment, from Valkenswaard, Netherlands, invested in a production plant in Overpelt, Belgium, which employs the latest technology. The factory space has a robotised system which ensures that 6 vinylester swimming pools can be manufactured simultaneously.




On the one hand, Starline Pools & Equipment has launched this innovative production facility to be able to meet the demand for vinylester Monoblock swimming pools more quickly and, on the other hand, because it suits the philosophy of the company from Valkenswaard.

Total concept

Sales & Marketing Director Victor de Vries:Our customers know they can always count on our quality and the total concept we offer. Not only do we supply swimming pools, they can also turn to us for the entire advisory process and installation performed by an extensive network of dealers. And now there is even the option of receiving potential buyers at our 10,000 square metre production facility in Overpelt.” Speed, quality and precision are guaranteed thanks to the robotised carrousel. The robot is entirely attuned to the fast process and will produce various types of Monoblock. Multiple polyester products are manufactured in Overpelt including modular pools, sand filters and sanitary units.


Alongside the exclusive dealer network Starline uses in the Benelux, the company can now also guarantee a form of exclusivity thanks to this location in Overpelt. Starline is one of the few companies in the world to opt to use a robotised system. The high-tech vinylester swimming pool production facility stands on the boundary between Overpelt and Lommel. It is modern, fully automated and with guaranteed quality and production time.

The new location was officially opened on Friday 1 October 2010.

Starline has sales points in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and England, and is one of the larger vinylester swimming pool manufacturers in Europe.