AstralPool - Chairama SpaAstralPool’s wellness division, in collaboration with astral Export, was entrusted with the design and installation of the Chairama spa. The Chairama wellness centre is located in Bogota, and has the largest hydrotherapy circuit in Columbia. With its 2000 m2, divided in four floors, it offers a wide variety of products and equipments devoted to health and well being.
The third floor has been designed to cater exclusively for beauty treatments and therapies largely based on the use of water and mud.

A comprehensive spa circuit

The spa’s central area comprises a swimming pool with relaxing effects such as cascades, swan-neck jets, hydro massage beds and jets. Following on from the pool area, there is a hot tub and a cold one, which are ideal for a contrast in temperatures.
Other facilities include a floatarium in which to experience the soothing, anti-stress effects of zero gravity and a hot-cold footbath.
Surrounding there is the temperature area, with heat fixtures, a sauna, steam bath and Roman bath, as well as a cold grotto with an ice fountain.

AstralPool - Chairama SpaA hydrotherapy course for each user

In addition to designing the spa circuit and its components, AstralPool’s wellness division devised three hydrotherapy courses for the Chairama spa, in which the therapeutic properties of each element were taken in account. It proposes a mild circuit, which lasts 30 minutes, a 45-minutes intense circuit and a 50-minutes power circuit.
A touch screen enables users to select the program they wish to undergo: lymphatic drainage, revitalizing, relaxation, according to their needs.

A perfect balance between quality and design

To complete the relaxing atmosphere, LED lighting chromo therapy applications enhance the various spaces in the spa. Likewise, the whole of the facility has been tiled with pearlescent glass mosaics using various compositions, designs and colours that act both as decoration and a way of distinguishing the separate areas.
Indeed, the company has taken special care in the design and the materials used in the construction. Unmistakably, this wellness centre, where everything has just been thought for users’ pleasure, promises great relaxing and unforgettable moments.

AstralPoolList of equipment at the spa:

  • 1 leisure pool with :

  • 5 hydro massage loungers
  • 3 hydro massage beds
  • 4 hydro massage jets
  • 2 cascades
  • 2 swan-neck jets

  • 1 cold water tub
  • 1 hot water tub
  • 1 floatarium
  • 1 bi-thermal footbath
  • 1 Vichy shower
  • 1 hot-cold shower
  • 1 mist shower
  • 1 Scottish shower
  • 1 cube shower
  • 1 cold rain shower
  • 1 ice fountain
  • 1 steam bath
  • 1 sauna
  • 3 treatment beds
Spa Chairama (Colombia) - AstralPool