Christian BLERY, Jacqueline BLERY and Dr Thomas FAISST
Christian and Jacqueline Bléry established UWE France in Meung/Loire in the end of 1975.

Christian, who handled the marketing side, and his wife Jacqueline, who was responsible for the administrative side, will retire 34 years after setting-up and consolidating the brand and UWE products (34 000 JetStream sold in 34 years) in the whole of France… a well deserved retirement.

On 2 October, Dr. Thomas FAISST, Chairman of the German parent company along with his wife and Wilhelm NUSSBÄCHER, the Executive Director, went over to celebrate Blérys' retirement at Meung/Loire and to thank them for the excellent results produced year after year.

Maria CHIMOT-TREUNER as the General Manager and Daniel MULLER as the Marketing Manager have taken over the flame and the challenge.