Products and equipment
An invisible product for visible savings
SORODIST, a specialist company for over 25 years in distributing fluid circulation equipment to professionals, is exclusively launching a new product in France that saves water, electricity and treatment products for swimming pools. Heatcover, available in liquid form, is made from molecules that...
AvadyConnect, web interface for connected pools
The AvadyConnect web interface, available in 8 languages, allows the user to remotely monitor the overall activity of the pool water from his smartphone or his PC.  There is no need for manual monitoring every day (test strips, kit tests or photometers) to measure the chlorine, pH or temperature...
How can swimming pool water be reused?
The OVY GREEN swimming pool dechlorinator removes chlorine during cleaning, draining the pool, or even when cleaning the filter. Why is this done? Above all, it is a stipulation of the French Public Health Code (Art. R1331-2) to neutralise chlorine before releasing swimming pool water into the...
PSH, commercial pool pump partner
With more than 108 years of experience PSH Company manufactures public pool pumps which are installed over the globe. Its offer includes a wide range of pumps starting from 1.5kW up to 37kW at 1450 rpm or 3000 rpm, made of polypropylene with fiberglass, cast iron with special cataphoresis...
Swimspa Duo, the swim spa to practice sports and relax separately
Among the new products from Aquavia Spa, is the latest in swim spas called the Swimspa Duo.  It has two completely separate compartments where one can enjoy the «swim» version on one side and the «spa» version on the other.
For more innovative technical rooms
The booth of POOL TECHNOLOGIE is modern and pragmatic, just like the new range of appliances that it presents, in preview, during this new edition of PISCINE GLOBAL.  For the industrialist, the exhibition is a crucial step that embodies a reflection conducted over several years, during which very...
Something new in swimming pool cleaning
The indispensable Maytronics cleaning robots are taking part in Piscine Global Europe! The Zenit robot range, with the new Zenit 60.  Also presented are the Z series electric robots, reliable, efficient and ergonomic, designed for easy maintenance of the pool.
Two SpaTime kits for easy spa maintenance
The range of SpaTime cleaning and maintenance products from BAYROL helps in maintaining good water quality in the spa.  Now proposed as a kit, this solution is available in two disinfection methods, each containing the essential products for maintaining clear and healthy water.
New PRISMA pump “stepper motor”
The new PRISMA pump “stepper motor” was presented during the unveiling of the new premises of the EMEC France branch in Tillé (60). PRISMA is a dosing pump with a membrane that is powered by a stepper motor.
IntelliFlo VSF: variable speed and flow control
The new IntelliFlo VSF variable speed pumps can be found at the PENTAIR stand. Firstly, they boast improvements on the second generation of IntelliFlo VSD2 pumps, namely, improved performance, simplified menu management and a swivel keyboard with an optional wall-mounting kit.
Islandicus and Goa Full Inverter: less pollution, greater performance
In order to comply with the new ErP European Directive (Energy Related Products), which aims to considerably decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, VALIMPORT is converting most of its swimming pool heat pumps to refrigerant, thereby replacing R410A.
Three new recipes for well-being
This season at the Piscine Global Europe trade fair, ASCOMAT is presenting Rainbow Spas, a brand new range of spas that it has designed, manufactured and now markets.
Open AERO, the swimming pool shutter 2.0
Available from September and on display in Lyon, the Open AERO shutter is the first connected pool cover from the dry range by ABRIBLUE. Compliant with safety standard NF P 90-308, this designer shutter includes a lighting function for a perfectly controlled atmosphere around the pool.
Innovations for swimming pool cover motors
UNICUM, the French specialists for nearly a century in innovative power transmission products, presents its exclusives. Two technological innovations and a new motor.
Jetline PLATINIUM reinvents the heat pump
Having listened attentively to its customers over 10 years, the pool heat-pump brand Poolex finally provides an answer to one of the issues raised by users: how does one effectively conceal a heat pump?  But instead of hiding it, what if it was displayed in full view?  What's more normal than a...