In 2024, SCP UK introduces a new model in their exclusive SCP Garden Leisure Hot Tubs spa range. It now features 696L, 780B, 680L, 642L, new 540DL, 334L, 742B and 642L models, for a complete range answering every customers'needs.

From the spa ideal for couples to XXL format

This very complete range will now be composed of the following models with a maximum of features enabling professionals to always find the right model for each customer!

  • Garden 696L: The XXL format, equipped with the most jets (96) in its category, 5 seats + 1 Lounger;
  • Garden 780B: many seats and well equipped (80 jets), 7 seats;
  • Garden 680L: Built for comfort, 5 seats + 1 Lounger (80 jets);
  • Garden 642L: Friendliness while maintaining comfort. 5 seats + 1 Lounger;
  • Garden 742B: Can seat up to 7 people, 42 jets;
  • Garden 540DL - NEW: 3 seats + 2 Lounger. Lounger or no lounger? Or maybe even 2 loungers so no one misses out on the best seat in the house. Based on the same format and footprint of the 742/642, this family hot tub has two different shaped loungers to suit everyone. Full foam insulation means reduced energy usage.
  • Garden 334L: Relax face to face, 2 seats + 1 lounger. 

Model GARDEN 780B