It is no longer useful to struggle with deciding whether to place the pool, seating area, or children's paly features in a small garden. Thanks to the walkable multifunctional pool enclosure BERGEN from ALBIXON, it is possible to cover in-ground pools, home spas or swimming ponds and to benefit from a walkable terrace laid directly over the water.

The walkable multifunctional pool enclosure

It not only protects the water from being contaminated with impurities and provides safety for children or pets, but specially developed aluminium profiles with high rigidity and a load capacity of 250 kg/m² create a compact surface that can serve as a relaxation and leisure's area.

BERGEN stands out especially for its stability, safety, and sleek design. The unique system of attaching terrace boards creates a seamless surface without gaps, preventing valuables or dirt from falling into the pool. The roof installation is easy and fast, with patented attachments that work without screws. Customers can choose from 6 natural colours.

The walkable multifunctional pool enclosure BERGEN from ALBIXON

«When we were developing the walkable BERGEN enclosure, our main goal was that even people with a smaller garden did not have to limit themselves because of the pool. Not only have we managed to find such a solution, but we have even come up with a product that fits perfectly into both smaller and larger gardens,» describes Jirí Sixta, the Product Manager at ALBIXON.

For even greater convenience, the terrace can be used in combination with .in combination with MOOVER - the automatic electric drive for swimming pool enclosures. This ensures comfortable remote uncovering and covering of the pool without the need to bend over and manually manipulate the enclosure. The device is powered by batteries, which can be charged with solar energy or, if necessary, from the grid.

The MOOVER doesn't forget about the aesthetic side either. It recently won the international Red Dot Award 2023 for product design. The system is universal and can be installed on most types of rail pool enclosures.