In a world increasingly aware of the importance of conserving natural resources and of environmental restrictions, Freedom Pools Europe has taken a committed step towards sustainability and ecological responsibility with the launch of its new Cube and Sidney mini pools.

New mini pools from Freedom Pools Europe promotes water saving

These mini swimming pools not only offer a space for relaxation and entertainment, but also allow you to install a swimming pool without requiring a permit from the local community. The dimensions of these mini-pools mean that in some countries no installation permit is required, which facilitates the installation process and guarantees compliance with the law. This commitment to saving water and respecting the environment demonstrates Freedom Pools' philosophy in the swimming pool industry. 

The Cube and Sidney mini pools are a response to the demands of customers aware of water scarcity and environmental issues. With a smart and compact design, these pools are perfectly adapted to all spaces, without compromising on quality or user experience.

Despite their compact size, these mini pools do not skimp on comfort. They offer the perfect space to relax and enjoy water activities, such as swimming and diving.

Sidney mini pool

Sidney mini pool