Since 1977, dinotec has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of water treatment equipment for private and public swimming pools. Nowadays, whereas collective awareness is moving towards more environmentally friendly products, dinotec (CF group) is meeting the most demanding requirements by offering salt chlorinators based on the membrane electrolysis technology: the Membrano EC Direct, the Membrano EC Tank and the MZE Smart.

Salt chlorinators based on the membrane electrolysis technology

The membrane electrolysis technology produces a highly active disinfection solution (chlorine) from salt and electric current that can be used directly on site to treat swimming pools more effectively.  The Membrano EC Direct and the Membrano EC Tank come from the innovation of the water purification process. Thus, they allow a higher quality of treated water than other water treatment equipment. Their respective production capacity is from 16 to 26g/Cl2/h and from 40 to 80g/Cl2/h.

Those systems optimize the production of active chlorine. As a result, there is a significant reduction in the consumption of water treatment products. Thanks to this technique, there is not any salt transfer in the pool. Thus, it is possible to use this system for stainless steel pools or reuse the water from of the pool.

Unlike the Membrano EC Tank, the Membrano EC Direct does not have product storage (no tank); the disinfection solution produced is added directly to the pool with a neutral pH. This solution is presented in the eco-responsible swimming pool area of CF group stand. As for the MZE Smart system, it has a production capacity of 125 to 249g/Cl2/h. It excels in its ease of operation and maintenance; it has a compact wall-mounting system without a control box and requires small space. Finally, this solution is able to manage the real-time chlorine production of a pool up to a volume of approximatively 500 m³.

 Membrano EC Direct (interior view)

 Membrano EC Direct (interior view)

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