hth®, a Solenis Group brand established in Indre-et-Loire (France), water experts for over 95 years, will be present at the aquanale fair in Cologne to present its different solutions for better preserved pool and spa water.

hth® invites you to meet them at aquanale

During the entire aquanale fair, hth®, a brand that specialises in pool and spa maintenance products, will demonstrate its investment for the environment under its tagline 'For better preserved water'. 

The brand will also present different tools and products to better understand how to use these products, avoid chemical cocktails and recover from green water. Visitors will thus be able to discover: 

  • The TEST'O Pro V2 application, which enables water analysis and the interpretation of the results, as well as recommending water treatment products according to the size/type of pool and filtration.
  • The new 2024 digitalised and interactive hth® catalogue, which enables you to quickly find hth® products and to cut down on printed catalogues.
  • The red range to avoid over-stabilisation and thus cut down on water renewal.
  • The communication media deployed for end customers.
  • An online ordering module that enables users to find all information concerning the products and to directly place their orders (under development). 

hth® offers a product range that includes numerous items to meet all needs for the treatment and maintenance of private and collective pools: 

  • Water balance (pH correctors, stabilisers, chlorine/bromine neutralisers, etc.)
  • Disinfection shock treatment
  • Regular disinfection
  • Prevention and solutions (anti-scaler, flocculant, anti-algae, etc.)
  • Wintering products 
  • Cleaning products (descaler, detergent, etc.)
  • Equipment (dosing pumps, regulators, etc.)
  • Accessories (hoses, waterline brushes, floating hoses, etc.)

Produits hth®  pour le traitement d'eau de la piscine

hth® products for pool water treatment