A beautiful pool without beautiful lighting is missing something. Hayward's new flat LED pool lights are designed to enhance the pool when the sun goes down. 

Modern, easy-to-install lighting for new pools or retrofits

Available in white lighting, with Crystallogic® technology, and colours with Colorlogic® (RGB) technology, these pool lights offer subtle, sober lighting in cool white, or a fixed or random colour programme (16 programmed sequences) to create an atmosphere. Their clever design makes them adaptable to all pools: liners, concrete pools and panels, etc. They are installed directly on the pool side for both new and retrofitted pools, with no niche required.
For the 2023 season, a 2" wall conduit mount and a 1.5" brush socket mount are available, both suitable for new pools or retrofits. Their front trim is available in white, sand, light grey and dark grey. 

Hayward flat LED pool lights, in white or colours.