The Hayward TriStar® VSTD filter pump saves energy, with a return on investment in just 3 seasons. 

Filtration speed adapted to the needs of the pool

The TriStar® VSTD pump runs continuously over 24 hours, adapting its speed to the pool's need for filtration (up to 120 m3). It runs at slow speed most of the time and reserves higher speeds for certain operations only (filter backwashing, skimming, etc.). The result: up to 85%* of energy savings! But that's not all: slow filtration is much more effective as the water flows more slowly through the filtration media, producing crystal clear water. Moreover, the consumption of treatment products is naturally reduced.

Finally, the reduced running speed means that the VSTD pump operates very quietly, which is greatly appreciated by both swimmers and neighbours.

The pump can be managed remotely via the AquaRite® + control unit.

The TriStar® VSTD pump comes with a 4-year warranty if the product is purchased from a Totally Hayward® partner.

*Running at low speed. Potential savings of 65% are generally observed.