The newly available LILIAN water analysis system from the German Lilian Labs GmbH promises to greatly simplify regular water quality measurements in public swimming pools and water treatment applications. It is already available in many European countries and it will also come to Spain this year! For this reason, Lilian Labs is still looking for distribution partners in Spain. 

LILIAN, a photometer with a connected digital platform

The LILIAN is a photometer with a connected digital platform on which the water values are recorded digitally. The special trick: the usually necessary chemical preparation of the water sample is completely automated. As a result, hygiene parameters such as pH value, chlorine or acid capacity are determined in less than 60 seconds at the push of a button. Errors in sample preparation can no longer occur, every swimming pool employee receives the same precise measured values. Since the measuring principle is based on the requirements of DIN19643 and ISO 7393, this photometer fully complies with the requirements of the authorities.  

The measurement results are stored digitally. In addition, the system automatically checks whether the specified limit values have been exceeded. In case of problematic measured values, selected persons are automatically informed seconds after the measurement. This creates a complete and digital documentation and, if necessary, a reaction can be taken immediately. Via an interface, the measurement data can also be integrated directly and fully automatically into any existing software.  

Fotometro Lilian

LILIAN photometer