The hth® Test'O ProTM software allows professionals, but also their seasonal staff, even those with little experience, to analyse pool or spa water, interpret the results and make personalized recommendations for water treatment products.

The hth® Test'O ProTM software

It is compatible with all analysis systems - photometers or manual analyzes - thanks to its manual results entry mode. It connects via Bluetooth or USB cable to the WaterLink® spinTouchTM (10 parameters analyzed) and to Lumiso 6 (6 parameters), for automatic feedback of the analyzed data.

The software is available on computer, tablet or smartphone and can be downloaded free of charge via the App Store, the Play Store or It allows dealers to boost their chemical sales by helping them interpret the results of their water analyzes.

hth® Test'O ProTM

They can give their customer a clear and simple treatment recommendation, with dosage and instructions, based on pool or spa type, liner, size, filtration and regular treatment type. It is also possible to print the results and send them by e-mail to the customer.