EMEC has designed Centurio Pool, a modern and reliable digital control system, intended to ensure the safe management of swimming pool water treatments.

Reliable water treatment under control

Indeed, it can control all the parameters of the pool in a versatile way. On its colour touch interface, the user benefits from a clear and responsive menu, supported by a powerful operating system and a high-performance processor, allowing Centurio Pool to manage even the most complex pool systems.

The system can be set for example for pH priority and allows secure control over flocculants, shock chlorination and filter backwashing, while simultaneously managing up to 10 reading channels, dedicated to all the most important measurement parameters. Each channel has 2 digital setpoints (on/off), 2 proportional setpoints (lS), 1mA output setpoint, 1 temperature set point, as well as 6 adjustable timers for up to 10 daily schedules each. The management is thus perfectly adapted to the configuration of each swimming pool.

Centurio Pool can be connected via WiFi, 4G or Ethernet cable, for remote control with ERMES, EMEC's online management system, compatible with all browsers and devices. The MODBUS serial communication protocol (optional) also allows connection with PLC systems.