The Maytronics Dolphin Wave 90i is the first WiFi, 'Always Connected' commercial pool cleaner and is designed specifically for HMAC pools.

Optimal cleaning coverage and ultra-powerful suction

Specially designed for pools in hotels, holiday cottages and campsites, this continuously connected robot can be remote controlled using the MyDolphinTM Plus application.
It is equipped with dual-drive brushes, a superior filtration system and side brushes to clean hard-to-reach corners and grooves.

The Dolphin Wave 90i features unique "Maze" scanning technology, to ensure maximum brushing coverage of the pool floor, walls, and waterline. Combined with its very powerful suction power and its ability to collect different sizes of debris, this robot hides all the boxes of the ideal cleaner in a HMAC pool.
For maintenance, access to the filter is facilitated from above.