The premium BADU JET Turbo and BADU JET Turbo Pro counter swim units from SPECK make it easy to swim without turns. The flow-optimised propeller technology generates an even flow pattern providing a real open-water feeling. The user is free to choose the power of the swimming current according to their needs.

New designer panels suitable for saltwater for Speck's counter swim units

The BADU JET Turbo is compactly designed, making it perfect for family pools, rehabilitation pools, recreation and relaxation areas. Its power is adjustable and can be chosen precisely by remote control, or via integrated piezo buttons, up to a maximum flow rate of 245 m3/h.

Competitive swimmers will opt instead for the BADU JET Turbo Pro version, offering individual power adjustment for a flow rate of up to 350 m3/h. A powerful current ideal for training effectively and offering real conditions close to those in competitions.

The counter swim units are pending TÜV/GS* certification. They offer fun swimming in complete safety, in private as well as public pools.

For their installation, two poolside panel designs are available to fit perfectly into the pool, without affecting the aesthetics or reducing the swimming space.

New: for next season, new designer panels which are suitable for saltwater will be available and can be combined with screws and piezo buttons made of high-quality V5A stainless steel. Premium counter swim units that are already installed can be made suitable for saltwater pools without great effort using special conversion kits.

*TÜV / GS for BADU JET Turbo and the BADU JET Turbo and BADU JET Turbo Pro saltwater versions pending approval.