A «ready to use» floating diffuser that will provide 3-6 weeks of water treatment once placed in the pool. The device uses calcium hypochlorite without a stabiliser (cyanuric acid), and is perfectly suited to pools with a volume of 30-50m3.

hth® EASYCLIC® Advanced®, a «ready to use» floating diffuser

The diffuser is also incredibly easy to use: all the user has to do is twist the base of to select the appropriate pool size, then put the diffuser into the water. It's also light (1.5kg) and extra-safe, ensuring zero contact between the consumer's skin and the product. Once empty, the diffuser floats on its side to provide an immediate indication that a replacement is needed.

Why such a simple approach to water treatment? Because in 2021, hth® carried out a «Usage and Attitudes» survey of over 1,600 owners of pools and hot tubs in France, Germany and Spain in order to better understand the needs of these consumers. The survey showed that the three main selling points for consumers were efficiency, quality and simplicity of use. The hth® EASYCLIC® Advanced® ticks all of these boxes!