Created by CF Group 4 years ago to give its spa line a real identity, Nephea Spa proposes premium models that are particularly well equipped.

Reinforced insulation, energy efficiency and performance

This series of spas includes:

  • A dedicated filtration pump and the combination of an integrated ozone generator and UV light treatment to facilitate maintenance and provide irreproachable water quality;
  • A powerful massage provided by two or three silent and powerful pumps;
  • A blower to enhance relaxation and the massage;
  • A wide range of massage nozzles that are carefully positioned for greater efficiency;
  • Chromotherapy via LED lights, a projector and a light fountain for an incomparable ambiance;
  • A built-in aromatherapy system to awaken the senses;
  • A more eco-responsible 'Energy Smart Plus' design with the insulation of the ABS base, an infra-red reflector to recover the heat produced by the technical equipment, peripheral insulation with closed-cell foam and polyurethane foam flocking on the shell to maintain the spa at the right temperature at a lower cost;
  • A reinforced structure with a stainless-steel frame;
  • An easily-maintained covering with a grained wood effect.

To meet the new expectations of consumers, all 3 models include 2 reclining positions.
Warranties include 5 years for the frame and shell and 2 years for the technical equipment.

Nephea Spa de CF Group

Nephea Spa - ©CF Group - DEL SAS

Nephea Spa Inside view by CF Group

Nephea Spa Inside View