Based on 30 years of experience in the research and development of formulas to treat problems associated with pool water, BEHQ has focused its efforts to combat algae. Various methods exist to eliminate them: shock treatment, algicides and even the use of heavy metals like copper. Unfortunately, these solutions are too selective and are only effective against certain types of algae. They can even disrupt the water balance and cause other inconveniences: a rise in the stabiliser level, liner discolouration, purple stains on the waterline, green hair, etc.  

The PHOS-OUT range to eliminate phosphates

BEHQ's microbiolgy department tackled the problem and came to the conclusion that the solution required the limitation of the growth of algae by eliminating their essential nutrients, i.e. phosphates, which they use for photosynthesis and thus for reproduction.  

In case of the presence of phosphates in pool water, the manufacturer recommends PM-625 PHOS-OUT, from its Piscimar range, for preventive use or maintenance, in concentrations of up to 500 ppb (500 mg/L). If the level exceeds 500 ppb, it is preferable to use PM-675 PHOS-OUT 3XL by the same brand. This product is hyper-concentrated and capable of eliminating large concentrations of algae with very small doses of the product.  

These products are effective against all types of algae and stand out for their action on mustard algae (or yellow algae), which are highly resistant to many treatments. Phosphates are radically eliminated by these products.  

In order to facilitate the treatment for consumers and its prescription by professionals, the manufacturer has developed a kit - the Piscimar SOS PHOS-OUT Kit - grouping the necessary products as well as a multilingual guide detailing the precise application depending on the situation. The efficacy of these treatments reduces the consumption of disinfectants, facilitates pool maintenance and clarifies the water.