With the new BADU Block Binero series, SPECK is raising the bar for the public swimming pool sector. The innovative thermoplastic anti-corrosion coating offers new and versatile application options - whether thermal or brine water circuits: The BADU Block Binero has successfully proven its usability in long-term tests.

The new BADU Block Binero series for the public swimming pool sector

All relevant parts in contact with media and parts at risk of corrosion are 100% coated which ensures not only permanent corrosion prevention but also optimum protection against aggressive media, wear and deposit built-up. The corrosion resistance has a positive effect on the efficiency of the pump. The permanently smooth structure of the surface of the BADU Block Binero guarantees not only the optimal flow conditions but also constant and efficient operating conditions. With the largest diameter the high-quality solid bronze impeller achieves the maximum attainable efficiency.

The filter housing* made of technical high-performance plastic with an acrylic glass cover is another outstanding feature of the BADU Block Binero. As a standard, the products of this series are equipped with a highly efficient permanent magnet motor (IE5). The combination with a specific external frequency converter of the customer's choice allows for optimal adjustment of the different motor variants to the requirements of the system. Design of energy-optimised, economical and sustainable pumps at its best.

*For sizes up to 15kW