What kind of pool heat pumps are attractive for pool owners? Aquark takes some examples and explains them clearly: more energy efficient, quieter, and more intelligent. Since the first pool heat pump was invented 50 years ago, it has been the secret weapon for a longer swimming season. But in 2022, what kind of pool heat pumps are attractive for pool owners?

Aquark, one of the leading inverter pool heat pump suppliers, found that the energy-efficient, quiet, intelligent, and low failure rate pool heating equipment is becoming the market darling.

Mr. Perfect : more energy efficient, quiter and smarter heat pump 

European electricity and gas prices have soared this year, which are several times higher than a year ago. Meantime, the survey by Sapio Research found that 54% of the companies are investing in energy efficiency improvements this year.

COP is a significant metric for gauging the energy efficiency of pool heating. The efficiency of on/off heat pumps is only about COP 5. 

Aquark's inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect uses InverPad® Turbo technology to achieve COP 16 certificated by TÜV, allowing users to enjoy swimming in all seasons without worrying about electricity costs.

Aquark's Mr. Perfect blade-free turbofan structure

Aquark's Mr. Perfect uses a blade-free turbofan structure

Quiet operation is the goal of all home appliances. From the air conditioners to robot vacuums, they are all committed to creating a disturb-free user experience.The noise of a normal heat pump is around 55-70 decibels, which is comparable to loud communication. 

Aquark's Mr. Perfect uses a blade-free turbofan structure to realize 0 mechanical noise and reduce running noise down to 38.4 dB(A). Users can just place the heat pump near the courtyard without worrying about the noise.

Aquark's Mr. Perfect realizes 0 mechanical noise

Aquark's Mr. Perfect realizes 0 mechanical noise and reduces running noise down to 38.4 dB(A)

With the development of the smart home, smart control has taken hold. In the pool industry, "smart" has also become an obvious trend that cannot be ignored.

Aquark provides an advanced control system, users can remotely adjust their pool temperature through their mobile phones anytime, anywhere, and enjoy the perfect pool water temperature immediately when they get home.

Concepts related to "user experience" have become increasingly common in businesses. Aquark believes a good user experience will increase the attractiveness of products and profits for businesses. Aquark will insist on creating a new and richer user experience to construct the best pool garden and outdoor lifestyle.

A range of new Aquark products for a better outdoor lifestyle will be unveiled during Piscine Global Europe 2022 from 15 to 18 November at booth 6G82.