Staying true to its original aspiration, PHNIX has always pursued to contribute to slowing global warming and promoting carbon neutrality. So, the company is proud to launch the new R290 i-GreenLine Ultra Pool Heat Pump to the Market. 

An innovative pool heat pump using the eco-friendly R290 refrigerant  

The innovative R290 i-GreenLine Ultra Pool Heat Pump uses R290 refrigerant for the first time, a refrigerant that is known to be environmentally friendly and has been very trendy in heat pump applications for house heating and water heating. 

PHNIX is one of the first manufacturers in the heat pump industry to apply R290 refrigerant to swimming pool heat pumps and hopes to promote the entire industry to join the team of environmental protection and energy saving.

In light of the global goal of carbon neutrality, the earth is phasing out products with a high GWP value. With advantages including low-carbon emission and high efficiency, R290 refrigerant is a refrigerant that possesses great potential for development and low GWP. The R290 refrigerant applied to the swimming pool heat pump is not only environmentally friendly, but also maintains the good working performance of the swimming pool heat pump.

The advanced technology of R290 i-GreenLine Ultra pool heat pump ensures optimal performance across wide range of ambient temperatures from -25°C to 43°C with ACOP(*ACOP=Value of All Year Round Running Comprehensive COP) up to 7.4 and energy efficiency up to A++, that is to say it can work perfectly in severe cold weather and perform excellently. Users can thus enjoy the fun of water in four seasons. 

Highlights of R290 i-GreenLine Ultra Pool Heat Pump: 

  • Boost Heating Capacity (Ideal For Spring Season)
    By using R290 refrigerant and PHNIX unique inverter technology, R290 i-GreenLine Ultra pool heat pump can achieve no heating capacity decline under temperature range from 15°C to 27°C. Thus, it costs less energies, achieves higher COP and saves more electricity bills in long-term use.
  • PV Ready For Free Cost Running( Specially Made For Summer Season Running)
    During the days with strong sunshine, the PV ready function allows to heat up the hot pool water with 100% free cost created by the solar power. This function can be realized simply with one button on the clear interface of its colorful touch smart display.
  • Ultimately Silent
    The noise level of R290 i-GreenLine Ultra pool heat pump can maintain very low: the sound pressure is kept to as low as 36.3dB(A) at 1 meter distance ( Max. At 43.5 dB(A)).

According to Howard Zhang, the General Manager of PHNIX overseas swimming pool business division, "As a leader in the heat pump industry, PHNIX has been committed to practicing the concept of low carbon and environmental protection. On the road of refrigerant renewal and iteration, we have also been constantly exploring and innovating. After 2 years of research and development and 1 year of market verification, PHNIX finally found the next generation of environmentally friendly and low-carbon new refrigerant replacement solutions: R290 i-GreenLine Ultra Pool Heat Pump."