Harvia brings a new premium line-up to the steam sauna market with the launch of the Harvia Nova products. The product line-up includes two new products, a steam shower cabin with a built-in steam shower column and a stand-alone steam shower column. 

Harvia strengthens its offering in the steam segment

With these innovative products, Harvia will strengthen its offering in the steam segment and have an easy way for its customers to step into the spa world to enjoy both the relaxation and health benefits of the nourishing and soft steam. 

Easiness and design are main driving forces behind the Harvia Nova product family. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, and with a design that speaks for itself, the Nova products are suitable not only for residential as well as commercial segments, but also for new as well as existing bathrooms.

"The Nova steam shower cabin is a gorgeous free-standing solution to add to your bathroom whereas the stand-alone Nova steam shower column offers you the chance to build your luxurious spa around it", tells Paras Chopra, Head of Innovation and Development at Harvia. Both of the products combine a sleek and modern look, making them easy to fit in all bathrooms. 

Nova steam shower column

Nova steam shower column

The Harvia Nova products come with built-in support for WiFi and MyHarvia mobile application which allows users to remotely start the steam generator from anywhere and at any time. 

The Harvia Nova steam shower column is available in two different power versions, 2kW and 3kW, during July 2022. The Nova steam shower cabin, powered by a 2kW version of the Nova steam shower column will be available during autumn 2022.