With the new Normblock Multi 80/200 and BADU Block Multi 80/200 models, SPECK Pumpen is expanding its innovative completely plastic pump range for the public swimming pool sector.

Optimum efficiency and maximum stability

Made from high-performance plastic, the 80/200 models combine the proven technology of the multi series with the corrosion-resistant material, thus considerably extending the service life of the pumps.  

 New Normblock Multi 80/200 and BADU Block Multi 80/200 models

The completely plastic pumps are not only corrosion-resistant and already running successfully in brine water circuits with 18 % salt content, they also bring significant advantages in terms of weight and cost. With the new Normblock Multi 80/200 and BADU Block Multi 80/200 models, swimming pools are protected from rust on the pump side - even after the pump has been standing for a long time. The corrosion resistance also has a positive effect on the efficiency of the pump: Since the surface does not change over time, the efficiency remains constant throughout the service life, which consequently leads to efficiency and cost savings.  

A further highlight: The 80/200 models are designed according to a multifunctional modular system. This offers various combination options, so that a total of seven new models can be constructed with different standard flanges and the 80/200 models can also be designed for the US market. This makes it easy to replace old cast iron or bronze pumps, as the 80/200 models can be individually configured to the various connections and connection dimensions. Thanks to a new, innovative adapter solution, the BADU Block Multi series can also be flexibly adapted to existing pipelines. 

BADU® Block Multi 80/200 SPECK Pumpen

BADU® Block Multi 80/200