AquaRite® UV Low Salinity: Complete Water Treatment and Pool Control

In Hayward's Expert Line range, the AquaRite® UV LS is one of the great novelties in terms of disinfection systems.

A residual effect swimming pool water treatment: saltelectrolysis + UV

Combining 3 proven water disinfection systems, it provides a complete solution for pool owners to benefit from disinfected and disinfecting water with complete peace of mind.
The combination of UV, low salinity electrolysis (salt level of 1.5g/L) and water hydrolysis technologies provides disinfected and disinfecting water, free of 99% of viruses, algae, bacteria and fungi (2 x 55-Watt UV lamps).

Two separate disinfection chambers are provided on the UV lamp, allowing for optimal efficiency, with an increased surface area in contact with the water. The materials are made of special PVC UL1018, formulated to resist UV rays and pressure up to 3 bars. 

Chlorine according to the actual needs of the pool

The production of chlorine by salt electrolysis is generated automatically according to the needs of the pool. Chlorine production is configurable from 0 to 100% depending on the state of the pool cover.
It is possible to add a control and regulation of pH, redox and free chlorine, a temperature control.

Auxiliary equipment to control the swimming pool

The user can also add several control devices for filtration (single speed and variable speed pumps), lighting, pH, redox, as well as 4 auxiliary outputs.

The Hayward Poolwatch application on Google Play

Hayward Poolwatch app downloadable from Google Play

Option of remote control of pool equipment on app, pc and even by voice

As an option, AquaRite® UV LS can be remotely controlled with a wifi/Ethernet module and a dedicated app. The Hayward Poolwatch application allows to remotely control the equipment on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
In 2021, Hayward goes even further by making the remote control compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for an easy vocal management of the pool. The device's touch screen can also be removed from the technical room.
AquaRite® UV LS comes with a 3-year warranty.