Safe and environmentally friendly pool water treatment system

Pool Tiger is a safe and environmentally friendly pool water treatment device that provides a healthier and more comfortable swimming experience. 

A process from the oil industry

With a budget of US$20 million, the Pool Tiger technology was initially developed for the oil industry, to sanitise wastewater from drilling operations.
In 2015 and after 15 years of R&D, its inventor decided to commercialise the technology. After some further design and development work, the product became a device for the disinfection of swimming pool water and was launched on the market in 2017. 

How does the Pool Tiger pool water treatment device work?

Activated by flowing water driven by the pool pump, the device requires no chemicals or electricity to operate. It installs easily in a few minutes on the pipe after the filter.
As water passes through the device, patented nozzles subject the water to high pressure, which creates tiny water vapor bubbles that instantly collapse and revert to liquid again. This rapid change from liquid to gas to liquid again superheats the water in the centre of the chamber to above 200oC for a fraction of a second, killing bacteria, algae, viruses and parasites.
This process also clarifies water by imparting a negative charge to particles passing through the device, which causes them to attract one another and form agglomerations that soon become large enough to be trapped in the filter.

Pool Tiger reduces the use of chlorine/bromine by up to 75% and helps to balance the pH of the pool water, while maintaining a low level of acidity to extend the life of the equipment and protect the health of bathers. 

The device requires no maintenance or spare parts and does not interfere with other pool equipment.

Pool disinfected with Pool Tiger