The comfort of pool heating with smart control

EnergyLine Pro i : a smart heat pump

Hayward next-gen heat pumps include Full Inverter technology. In fact, the EnergyLine Pro i combines a Mitsubishi CPS inverter compressor and a DC inverter fan. The result is a smart heat pump, which adapts the frequency of its compressor as closely as possible to the needs of the pool, in real time and according to weather conditions. It also keeps the water temperature at the desired level, while reducing energy consumption and running noise. This smart adjustment of the power and, therefore, of electricity consumption lets you save up to 30% in energy.
When in night mode, this heat pump slows down to run incredibly quietly.
The EnergyLine Pro i constantly operates in a smooth, jolt free condition preserving parts and therefore its service life. 

Module wifi et appli Smart Temp Inverter de Hayward

Smart Temp Inverter

A WiFi connected model

It is also a WiFi connected model, which opens up very handy features for after-sales service. In the event of any problems, a technician can control the heat pump remotely and run an initial diagnostic test, analyse the operations log, etc.
On their side, users can control the heating of their pool remotely to get ready for a weekend in the pool, for example.