Low-energy filtration

Adapt the filtration speed to the real needs of the pool

The filtration of a swimming pool is top of the list of energy costs for its owner. Filtration changes the water at least 3 times a day, which runs up substantial costs. By adapting the filtration speed to the actual needs of the pool, the variable speed pump can save up to 85%* in electricity!

This is the case with the TriStar® VSTD pump, which is fitted with a permanent magnet motor. Water is constantly filtered 24/7, but at a slower speed. This has another advantage: water goes through the filter more slowly, which makes filtration more effective. The pump also runs more quietly at a slower speed for better acoustic comfort. Higher speeds are only used for filter backwashing, or just occasionally when the pool is being used a lot or when it is really hot. 

Convenient access to the interface

The TriStar® variable speed pump is fitted with a 180° rotating display, providing handy access to the user interface. Its quarter-turn opening cover also makes maintenance easier. Replacing a single-speed TriStar® pump with a VSTD pump is done without modifying the installation. 

*Potential savings generally reported of 65%.