BADU Delta - an exclusive series in the high-class segment

For sophisticated private pools

Designed for sophisticated private pools, the high-quality filter/circulation pump scores with low power consumption, high efficiency, quiet running and with its design. LED lighting in the transparent lid aids visual inspections.

High performance

As well as in other series, the BADU Delta is equipped with a maintenance-free standard asynchronous motor with high performance ball bearings and a stainless steel motor shaft. Thus, the motor has no contact with the pool water. Due to the new hydraulic construction, the smaller version of the BADU Profi is particularly quiet and efficient. Inset drain plugs avoid risk of breakage and highly efficient technology leads to higher flow rates with lower energy consumption.

With a motor performance of 0.30 - 1.00 kW, the pump is suitable for pool sizes of 30-90 m³.