The Estelle cleans spa filters using water pressure alone

So that you can enjoy perfectly clean and clear water in your spa, your spa filters should be cleaned regularly. This task is made easier with the Estelle, a patented spa filter cleaner.

You can easily clean your spa filter in 4 quick steps

  1. All you need to do is remove the dirty spa filter, following the manufacturer's instructions. Plug the appropriate adapter into the Estelle, then attach the filter onto the adapter.
  2. Place the anti-splash cover onto the Estelle device. Connect the water supply pipe in the water to the device. Open the water inlet valve. The process for cleaning your spa filter has begun!
  3. At the end of the spa filter's first spin cycle, all you need to do is turn the green button on the Estelle device to restart a new cycle depending on how dirty the filter is. Keep doing so until your filter is completely clean.
  4. You can put the spa filter back in the spa and relax in the knowledge that your water has been thoroughly cleaned and is safe.

This very simple task only takes a few minutes.


The steps for cleaning your spa filter with the Estelle

A more environmentally-friendly way to clean your spa filter

  • Unlike various other spa filter cleaning systems, no additional chemical product is required for cleaning.
  • The pressure of cold water alone ensures that your spa filter is cleaned thoroughly.
  • No electrical connection is required to clean the spa filter.
  • The Estelle is an environmentally-friendly system that can even be used inside your home.
  • The Estelle system is long-lasting (there are no electronics). A more affordable way to clean your spa filter

Your customers, the people using the Estelle, save money 

  • Their spa filters use fewer cleaning products (not needed)
  • They use less electricity (not needed)
  • They save water: the Estelle requires 80% less water than the majority of spa filter cleaning systems
  • They buy replacement filters less frequently, as their spa filter lasts for longer.
  • They use fewer water treatment products for their spa. In fact, a clogged filter reduces how effectively the water is filtered. The water then becomes cloudy and products need to be added to make it clear again.

The Estelle can be adapted to the majority of disc spa filters on the market

The device is delivered with a set of adapters (according to the filter's diameter), which can be adapted to the majority of disposable spa filters to fit their diameter.


Using adapters, the Estelle can be used with the majority of disc spa filters on the market

Using adapters, the Estelle can be used with the majority of disc spa filters on the market.

A thoroughly and regularly cleaned spa filter gives you the assurance that your water is clean and clear when you bathe in your spa.

Video showing how the Estelle spa filter cleaner works