Innovation in today's pool lighting industry

In today's pool lighting industry, there is a very complicated process required to complete a very simple task. Changing a light in a wet application such as a swimming pool or spa currently requires the homeowner to drain the pool and rely on a licensed electrician and a pool professional in order to safely and successfully complete this simple task. This is costly and time consuming for the homeowner.  

The new Mod-Lite(TM) to easily change a light in swimming pools or spas

With the new Mod-Lite(TM) simply twist to remove or insert the light, in five seconds or less, under water! No more water to drain out of the pool, no more power to shut down... less expensive service costs. 

Mod-Lite's flexibility comes from S.R.Smith's PowerPass(TM) (Wireless Power Technology), which enables energy to flow to the light without the need for wires, making for a safer and more flexible LED pool light. Safety sealed Mod-Lite components are electrically insulated and ultrasonically welded/sealed.

Mod-Lite(TM) features: 

  • PowerPass(TM) Wireless Power Technology 
  • 12VAC 7-Watt wireless LED light for concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools and spas 
  • Designed for use with standard 40mm wall fittings and conduit down to 20 mm 
  • 24 m cord length 
  • Six colours (white, blue, green, red, amber, magenta) and 2 light shows (fast/slow) 
  • Ten coloured trim plates in two different shapes (square and round) for maximum customization 
  • Three-year warranty