An automatic water level regulator

To monitor the pool or its technical surroundings

The BADU BNR 400 is an automatic water level regulator with conductivity sensor to monitor the pool or its technical surroundings. The water level is determined via two contact sensors, that have a very flat design, thus the regulator can also be used with flat skimmers.

Another advantage of the level regulator is that it is unaffected by ambient conditions such as temperatures. Furthermore, the sensor pins are also unaffected by dirt, unlike float switches.

Integrated switching technology

Thus, the BNR 400 offers multiple convenient safeguards against flooding. It is built in integrated switching technology and consists of an electronic control unit, sensor pin with 5 m or 25 m cable, fixing clips for sensor pins, safety shutdown system, water meter and time data of the last switching function. A magnetic valve Rp ½ and acoustic and visual warning are additionally available.