More and more home automation is making headway in the pool world. One should admit that a connected pool is a pool that makes life easy for the user! 

The creator-manufacturer of custom pools, PISCINES Magiline, already has several years of hindsight in automation and remote management of the pool with its intelligent, automatic and connected solution, iMAGI.

It enables the user to control the automatic treatment of the water of his pool, to manage and remotely set all water parameter using an application, a waterproof remote control (easyMAGI), and also a MAGIcam camera.

Integrating sensors and probes, this system takes into account all climatic, biological and chemical factors interacting with the pool water.

Nouvelle application mobile imagi+ pour gérer sa piscine à distance

The new version of its mobile application, launched last June, lets the user manage his pool remotely without restriction. He is able to modify the temperature of the water by controlling the heat pump, on water treatments by regulating product doses, on the filtration, the lighting, the accessories ... and even view the swimming pool thanks to the camera.

With the iMAGI Serenity + module, even the dosing of treatment products is automatic, thanks to dosing pumps. For managing liquid chlorine, an amperometric membrane probe (public swimming pool technology) ensures the most accurate chlorine level in the water.

Piscines Magiline