The new Limelight® spa collection, signed Hotspring®, offers its users not only the pleasure of a massage bath, but also an immersion in a luminous atmosphere.

Firstly, the contours of the design offer wide seats that follow the contours of the body as closely as possible and invite one to settle in for targeted massages, customisable using the exclusive Comfort Control(TM) system combined with the Smartjet(TM) system, dosing the amount of air, water, jet flow, to alternate between gentle and stimulating massages according to the area of the body, from head to toe.

The internal lighting, with its illuminated water feature and multiple points of light, offers a choice of various colours and intensities to relax.

The border of the spa is highlighted by LEDs that create strips of light from the top to the bottom in a choice of 6 colours.  One can listen to music (Bluetooth® connectivity) through the high-quality speakers; watch TV on the HD 55 cm all-weather wireless monitor, among the features offered by the range (optional). The spa can also be paired for remote management through a tablet or smartphone thanks to the Connextion(TM) system.

All functions are controllable and programmable through the IQ 2020(TM) control system that incorporates advanced diagnostic software, accessible from the control panel.

For clean, safe water, double-action filtration was chosenFreshWaterAg+(TM) silver ion cartridge filter and SilentFlo 5000(TM) circulation pump (energy efficient), combined with the FreshWater® III ozonator system and MPS FreshWater the shock treatment without chlorine.  The patented ACE® saltwater treatment system with its diamond technology is available as option.

The spas in the new Limelight series also incorporate the full EnergySmart(TM) system, maintaining the temperature of spa water using the least energy possible, and the high-insulation FiberCor® material is the order of the day.
The spa brand's key technologies are therefore brought together in this new ultra modern collection, in both its look and its performance.