Resilience E was developed with the pool care taker in mind. This new in-line salt chlorinator for pools up to 150 m3 is Magen eco-Energy’s latest and most innovative salt chlorinator.


This all-in-one device encases all peripheral accessories necessary to enjoy a safe pool in one easy to install, simple to maintain device. Its simple installation saves time and space: a single device eliminates suspended wires leading to a control panel; all-in-one chlorinator also eliminates the need for multiple cuts in the pipe line.


resilience E de Magen


This equipment is not only easy to install and maintain but also has some very useful features in it: bi-directional flow sensor to ease the installation process; double “low flow” protection to safeguard the device; built-in salinity and water temperature sensors for accurate chlorine production; built-in maintenance and service alerts for friendly operation.


This device is designed to work with variable speed pumps, and with a unique, easy to remove cassette for quick service and maintenance procedure.

Its friendly display and built-in alerts will notify the pool owner when the cell is low or requires cleaning. The replacement when the cell wears out is also easy.

Resilience E has a 24 hours super chlorination mode and 4 levels of chlorine production.
It is available in three models fitting a different pool size that ranges from 50 to 150 m3.