In order to offer a solution adapted to the infinity pool skimmers of the AQUAREVA range, PROCOPI proposes a solution where one can adjust submerged covers to a water level of 5 cm.

This method is based on specially designed anodized aluminium brackets fitted at 50 cm intervals across the width of the pool.


High level bracket


Using these, the beam can be removed to obtain a water level that is 50 mm from the edge of the pool, and at the same time support the grating and a person weighing up to 100 kg.

Compatible with all liners, these brackets are installed without piercing the waterproof pool liner and are compatible with the Cleandeck cleaning ramp, which cleans the cover apron whenever it is wound/unwound.

A lacquered aluminium profile in white, sand, grey, or wood, is added for a perfect finish.

This method, which adapts to the STARDECK or REVODECK covers, complies with the NF P 90-308 safety standard requirements.