CCEI Coffret MeteorCCEI presents the advantages of its Meteor multifunction box in a video posted on its YouTube channel and relayed on the EuroSpaPoolNews YouTube channel.


This complete pool control solution centralises the control of essential functions: filtration, LED lighting, pump protection against freezing and booster pump.


Intuitive, the device offers many options for intelligent control of the pool.


Filtration is adapted to water temperature (energy saving), and projectors can be turned on each day at a given time.

The box is equipped with a programmable auxiliary output to manage a pump for a robot, with automatic filtration control. 


The Meteor, once set up and installed, saves many trips to the machine room.

CCEI Application MeteorAnd for even more convenience, the box can be controlled directly from the Meteor application (Android and iOS) on a smartphone or tablet.


All that is needed is a discreet Bluetooth antenna (or a Zenit display unit) linked to the box, and pair the smartphone with the box.


All the information, including its filtration status, programming range, temperature, etc., is relayed to the smartphone.


Even the colours of the projector lights can be controlled!