CCEI, the manufacturer of electrical equipment for pools, presents its activities through a video, explaining its philosophy and its objectives: "to make the pool easier to use, easier to maintain and safer". We discover the company through its organisation: Research & Development, Design, component testing, production workshops, and also the values that inspire all its teams.


The values highlighted throughout the video by Emmanuel Baret, its Chairman: respect and trust. But also diversity. A diversity that leads to creativity, indispensable for innovation. This innovation, of course, depends on its R&D department, backed by a policy of constant attention to the expectations of its customers, of which its commercial service is the relay.
The company has developed its expertise considerably over ten years and acquired know-how in various fields such as, for example, microelectronics and optics.  A deciding moment, allowing it to be able to focus on connected pools and the swimming pool trade along the course of its evolution. In the same vein, the company is also focusing on ecology by concentrating on designing equipment that is more energy efficient and uses fewer chemicals.
Another major axis of development presented is the company's international expansion, which requires the development of products specific to the North American market, which also enhances its range dedicated to European countries.
The video, in French with English subtitles, is presented by CCEI during trade shows.