Just like much of home equipment now, the swimming pool is also getting «connected».  CCEI offers users a complete solution allowing them constant monitoring of the swimming pool and its parameters from any device that has access to the Internet. 

A convenience provided not only to the owner of the pool, but also to the pool professional in charge of maintenance.


CCEI connected pool

Several devices proposed by the manufacturer are already compatible with the Vigipool system, or will be from the beginning of 2018:  the Orpheo, the Limpido XC and the Meteor (February 2018).

Thanks to an interface that is based on the type of user (installer, network of swimming pool maintenance companies, end user), each one can consult the information relating to his or «their» swimming pools.  

CCEI IoTFor professionals in charge of several swimming pools, the entire list of pools is displayed on the homepage, as also any alert messages (configurable), for quick verification.  In the case of a network of swimming pool professionals, the pools of each installer are displayed, with the option to search for a particular device. 


For the end user, alert and error messages are displayed on the screen.

This measuring device is installed in the technical room and connected to a radio antenna.


Using Sigfox wireless technology, the remote web server stores the information collected and received through the radio link of the device. 


Through his account the user has access to all the measured data history


A device that allows pool specialists to become both proactive and responsive in the maintenance of their installations.







To be discovered at aquanale in Cologne