Eau Marine is a range of complete treatment, specially designed for swimming pools disinfected by salt electrolysis.


Label Bleu PROCOPIThis series of 9 products was born from PROCOPI’s desire to satisfy several requirements, both from consumers equipped with a salt chlorinator for their swimming pool (dedicated range, reduced maintenance and service costs, low ecological footprint), as well as from professionals, faced with several problems related to this equipment (difficult advice on products, price war, unreliable consumers, cost of replacement of cells).

With this specific range, the consumer is reassured on :
• Reliable and efficient products developed with Label Bleu’s know-how, with appropriate concentration and clear labelling;

• Carefully formulated products from compounds with perfect traceability (made in France);
• Products that reduce the ecological impact of pool water and respect their skin;
• The presence of a special polymer compound, which protects the equipment from corrosion and extends the life of the electrolyser cells.


As for professionals, the Eau Marine range aims to :
• Differentiate from the competition, proposing a range of 9 products, corresponding to 8 treatment actions specific to water treated by electrolysis;

• Build customer loyalty and generate in-store traffic;
• Propose products that, because of their composition, will preserve equipment for longer periods, reducing after-sales service;
• Present the range on a display unit with POS advertisement and information with impacting display;

To accompany the professionals, PROCOPI makes an attractive offer, consisting of 49 products, 9 references for 8 actions, including presentation furniture, at a «special» price!

For further information, please contact your sales office.