WALTER PISCINE has launched a new version of its FREE SWIM belt, the most economical counter-current swimming system on the market!




Free Swim WALTER PISCINESThe principle: a belt, that now adapts to waist sizes from 60 to 150 cm, with Velcro fastening and made of a comfortable material, fixed to a cable that can now be extended from 2.50 m to 7.50 m.  It is easy and rapid to install without drilling, thanks to its sandoclick.


It allows great freedom of movement for sports training, fitness or physical therapy in the pool!


Lightweight (388 g), it adapts to all body sizes, all user profiles and all spaces, even limited.  Economical and resistant, the new FREE SWIM has been given a new packaging, more visual and larger, with even better quality and resistance (varnished), to highlight it in the store !